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Rapid Response To Your Pest Problems

What if a swarm of bees threatens to enter your house any moment? You shouldn't waste time. Call Buggo Pet Control as we provide a quick response to all your pest problems.

Minimal Downtime

We don't take much time to finish our job. This means you don't need to leave your house or office for long while we are working.

Safety for your family, pets, and workers

We use 100% non-toxic and eco-friendly disinfectants that are not just safe for your family or workers but also your pets.

Certified Pest Control Experts

We only send certified, trained, and experienced pest control experts who know how to handle various types of pests, bacteria, and viruses efficiently.

Pest Control Sutherland Shire Services and Treatments

Molds or other pests can create a nuisance in your house as it leads to infections and allergies in pets and kids. Moreover, molds on walls and ceilings can make your office look dingy. Your clients may not want to come back and do business with you and people might be afraid to visit your home. Buggo is an expert at removing pests from your property so that they don’t come back in the near future. Here are some of the pest control services that we offer:

Residential Pest Control Services

While searching for residential pest control services near me, make sure you call our number and hire us. We are experts at removing a wide range of pests, such as bees, bed bugs, fleas, carpet beetles, wasps, spiders, rodents, cockroaches, bird lice, possums, and common ants. Apart from pest management services, we also offer pest inspection and termite treatments. Buggo is also a specialist in bird deterrent systems. We ensure that your house is free from insects, pests, and all types of bacteria that can cause infections and allergies.

Residential Pest Control Sutherland Shire - Pest Control Near You
Commercial Pest Control Sutherland Shire

Commercial Pest Control Services

Commercial properties like restaurants, factories, offices, and shops often have bugs and ants. You can get rid of them once and for all by hiring us. Our high-grade pesticides will not only kill them but also prevent similar pests from coming back. We understand that removing pests from a commercial premise means disturbing the work of many. And so, we ask you to choose a date when we can come and do our job. We are here to work at your convenience so that you don’t have to compromise with your work.

Whether you call us for residential or commercial pest control, we guarantee a safe and clean environment for your home or place of business.

We Guarantee a Safe and Clean Environment for your Home or Place of Business

Termite Treatment

If during a termite inspection we find that these pests are chewing through your furniture, we would recommend a complete termite treatment for your home or office. We not only offer preventative services but also implement eradication procedures so that your property doesn’t have even a single termite after we leave. Our termite treatment includes the following:

  • Installing termite baiting, monitoring, and colony elimination system.
  • Applying our eco-friendly termite repellent solution on the affected areas.
  • Thorough inspection to check whether there are any termites left in your property.
Termite Inspection Sutherland Shire - Termite Control Sutherland Shire
Disinfection Services Sydney

Disinfection Services

Pests can leave a significant amount of bacteria and viruses in your property that can lead to various health issues to your family, workers, or pets. Or imagine your family members getting Covid positive because of the virus lingering on your furniture. Call us before that happens because you never know how viruses can react in your body. We have experienced professionals who can visit your property wearing PPE kits to disinfect your house or office thoroughly. Again, you can rely on our high-quality non-toxic disinfectants that don’t cause irritation in children and pets.

Pest Control Services Sutherland Shire

How to Prepare For a Pest Control Service

Make sure you keep children and pets with allergic conditions away from the areas we are about to treat. Although all our disinfectants are 100% non-toxic, their mild odor may still make your kids and pets uncomfortable. Also, keep doors and windows closed for at least two hours after we finish. Open them at least one hour before allowing the children and pets to enter. Keep all your clothes in your closets before working. And don’t keep food, bowls, or other utensils open while we work.

We Make The Process Quick and Easy

1. Call

Call us so that our experts can get back to you with detailed questions regarding the size of your property and type of pests they have to deal with.

2. Quote

We provide free quotations for our pest solutions depending on your property size and number of days we need to work.

3. Treatment

We offer appointments according to your convenient dates. All our pesticides and disinfectants are safe for pets and children.

4. Aftercare

Don't hesitate to call us if you notice any pests after we leave. We will come back and resolve the issue so that you don't have any complaints regarding our service.

Frequently Asked Questions

We do offer guarantee solutions as we know that our products work wonders against pests. You can check out the terms to our guarantees in our Terms and Conditions page.

That depends on your location. If you live in the outskirts of the city where you find insects all around, we would recommend pest inspections twice a year and pest removal at least once in 12 months.

You can pay via cash, debit card, or credit card at the time of booking or on the day of service.

Yes, of course! You can tell us about the type of pests in your house and we will make sure we get rid of all of them, but this will all need to be highlighted during the consultation/quote process. 

We usually remove pests and disinfect the house within the same day. But it’s usually better for us to check your home size first.

Our 100% eco-friendly and non-toxic pesticides and disinfectants are here to kill the pests in your property. Call us today or fill out the contact form to hire us.

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