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Why Do You Need Cockroach Pest Control?

Cockroaches are an annoying and disgusting pest that often infests homes and suburbs. With great adaptability cockroaches are found all across Sydney, living in close proximity to residential and commercial buildings, surviving off rubbish and food scraps. Cockroaches live a dirty life, crawling through sewers, rubbish, gutters and as such are deadly carriers of disease and infection. Cockroaches can contaminate food with bacteria and worms such as salmonella which can cause sickness. Additionally, cockroaches breed rapidly, any place that is dark, warm, and moist they call home, breeding into an infestation. As such, cockroaches are one of the most popular, dangerous pests that we at Buggo Pest Control exterminate. At Buggo we use our proven pest control methods to eliminate your cockroach infestation and keep your family safe. 

How To Control a Cockroach Infestation

Prevention is the best method for controlling a cockroach infestation. With Buggo Pest Control offering cockroach inspections for homes you can ensure you are safe from these pests. If you see one cockroach, you can almost always be sure many more are nearby.

 By finding the cockroach nest before it’s too late you can save yourself money and time rectifying the issues these pests cause. However if your home is already being raided by cockroaches, it’s time to take action quickly. Cockroaches thrive in moisture rich conditions with plenty of food nearby. Reducing their access to crevices and a food source is critical for a DIY defence. Fix leaks and ensure no waste is left out to prevent your home becoming their home. DIY treatments for cockroaches do exist but do not offer a 100% effective treatment like a professional service can.


Cockroach Control Solutions Sutherland Shire

At Buggo Pest Control we offer pest solutions such as cockroach baiting to manage your cockroach infestation. Cockroach baits are used to kill a nest when the location of the nest is unknown. Bait is left out where cockroaches congregate and search for food. When a cockroach eats the bait it has been unknowingly poisoned, however this poison will not kill the cockroach immediately. The cockroach will then return to the nest with the bait where the poison can be spread to the rest of the nest. After a period of time the poison will then start to work, exterminating the nest. Baits are most effective when specific areas of your building are under siege from cockroaches. Baits can be placed in these areas to eliminate and manage your infestation. However baiting is not proactive and may not be sufficient for large infestations.

Insecticide dust and spray is used either as a preventative method or when baiting and other methods have not been effective. Insecticides work in a similar way to baits, using a time delay poison to infect not just a singular cockroach but the entire nest. Any cockroach that comes into contact with the poison ridden cockroach becomes exposed to the poison and itself will die, however only after passing on the poison to more roaches accelerating the cycle. Insecticide sprays and dusts don’t just eliminate cockroaches, they stop them from returning. Sprays and dusts leave a protective barrier around your home stopping cockroaches from returning. Contact Buggo Pest Control today to learn more about insecticide solutions for your cockroach problem.

Frequently Asked Questions

Costs tend to vary, but Buggo’s technicians will be providing you with a bespoke cockroach treatment plan after the pre-inspection so that prices will vary depending on the type of recommended treatment and for how long. Regular monitoring and aftercare will also be included in Buggo’s great value for money treatment packages.

We use the latest techniques and eco-friendly products in our cockroach treatment to give you the best cockroach protection possible. We do all of this when you need us, no matter what time of day.

You should contact us when you want a friendly, local technician who knows all the ins and outs of cockroach control in Sydney and gives your home or business their full attention when searching for signs of cockroach infestation. We can also provide a variety of other services for you, including disinfection services after you’ve had the best cockroach treatment.

To make sure we give you the best cockroach control, the process varies depending on how severe the infestation is and what type of property you have. It could take the form of a cockroach exterminator, fumigation, insecticides and baiting.

Why People Choose Buggo Pest Control

Buggo are the experts in cockroach control in the Sydney area. Our pest control services use the most effective up-to-date control methods that respect your home, property, or business.

100% Safety First

Safety, health, and protection are really important to us at Buggo.

All of our baits and methods are guaranteed family and pet-proof as the chemical liquids we use are one of the safest and effective solutions in the market for the elimination of cockroach. We are fully certified and only use innovative, environmentally friendly chemicals.

Treatment Quality Guarantee

Our Buggo high-quality treatments are guaranteed*. This means that if for any reason there is a recurrence of your infestation after treatment, we are happy to be responsible for the additional treatment, at our own expense.

Licenced Experts

Buggo Pest Control Services is fully licensed and accredited for both the chemicals and methods used in cockroach treatments, as well as their health and safety certifications.

Speedy & Professional

For a fast and speedy cockroach control service, you can rely on Buggo. We can supply you with a fully-qualified technician within hours of your call – even quicker if required.

We Make The Process Quick and Easy

1. Call

As soon as you call us, you can receive same-day service or time and day to suit.

2. Quote

You can get a free quotation for our cockroach treatment service by giving us a call.

3. Treatment

We offer a full range of chemical-free and safe pest control products and treatments for all homes in the Sydney area.

4. Aftercare

We offer a full maintenance follow-up service and regular inspections of your property.

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