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We know how critical hygiene is in the hospitality and catering industry. We appreciate it is vital to your business that your guests can feel comfortable and safe knowing they are in a pest free establishment. However, we also know that when food is around, you may also have unwanted guests you don’t want – pests.The presence of cockroaches, rodents, ants, bed bugs, or any other pest in your cafe, restaurant, bar or hotel property will compromise your businesses hygiene and service quality, leaving you at risk of regulatory fines as well as severe damage to your reputation.

Buggo Pest Control Services understand food safety requirements and can advise you on precautions to keep your venue pest free, and our decontamination and sanitisation services, as well as our proactive prevention and monitoring programs, can help identify any pest threats to your business.

Your tenants expect pest-free properties, if not they might consider moving on. As a property or strata manager, you don’t want the financial headache, not to mention the embarrassment and hassle of ongoing pest infestations.

When you lease out your properties, you want peace of mind that they are free from any kind of pests. However, it doesn’t matter how well-kept your property is. If pests want to invade your building, they will.

At Buggo Pest Control Services, we realise your need for quick, efficient results so that you won’t lose time or money.

Whether you are in a private or public school, university or college, Buggo Pest Control Services can deliver a wide range of pest control support throughout the Sydney area.

We understand the importance of putting in place special procedures to ensure our pest treatments can be delivered at the right time and in a safe manner. The upsetting and disturbing presence of cockroaches, rodents, ants, bed bugs, or any other pest that has taken residence in your educational establishment can affect your student’s and staff’s health, safety, and focus.

Our highly trained technicians can advise and execute the best course of treatment while taking care to comply with your students health and safety concerns.

Buggo Pest Commercial Control Services has a great deal of expertise in delivering pest control to all types of industries, including the industrial factories.We know the issues relating to widespread operations in large industrial warehouses and units where goods are stored and products are manufactured.

Buggo can quickly identify and control any pests, including rodents, that become present in your Sydney warehouse and work promptly to risk damage to stock and potentially your reputation.

We take health and safety very seriously and ensure that our customers’ staff and products are fully protected while remaining discreet to ensure your businesses property is pest-free.

Trust Buggo with Your Commercial Pest Control

Pest contamination of your goods, products, or services is not good for any business, and all workplaces are susceptible to pests as all rodents, insects, and other beasties will feed on materials and goods if not controlled.

To meet this challenge, Buggo offers:

Including staff work and eating areas, at times, to avoid disruption of work time.

Discreet disinfection of workplaces

Your technician will conduct detailed inspections and focus on particular problem areas.

Targeted service protocols

Application of residual products and insect growth regulators to provide lasting protection, installation of special pheromone monitors to alert to a new activity.

Physical removal of infestations

Keeping your Workplace Safe and Hygienic

Health and safety are paramount in the workplace. There are strict guidelines to protect your staff, your customers, as well as the general public, and you do this by following the pest control laws and ensuring safe working practices.

At Buggo pests are our business. We know how imperative it is that you work within the law to ensure that your business, whatever industry it may be, is safe from pests, and we’re here to help.

You can try and avoid pests becoming potential visitors to your workplace by:

  • Keeping kitchen areas and bathrooms clean and tidy at all times.
  • Emptying bins regularly.
  • Reduce clutter where pests can hide.

Suppose you are unfortunate to find you have pests on your premises. You’ll need to ensure that all the proper safety paperwork is being documented, that the correct treatments and the quantities used are recorded, the areas being treated and what personal protective equipment will be needed. Let our professional technicians help you with all this by calling the experts at Buggo immediately so we can eliminate the problem without risk of further infestation.

Common Workplace Pests

There are some extremely common pests who have a particular panache for your type of workplace. These include:

Cockroaches are attracted to food, moisture, and warmth, so your workplace is an ideal home for them, and they seem to feed on almost anything - even each other. They like to hide in dark corners and tend to be more seen at night. They quickly pick up diseases from the filth of their surroundings and spread them.


It's very common to have one or two mice in your workplace, but this number can quickly get out of hand, so you'll need to tackle the problem immediately by calling the experts to get rid of them for you.


No one thinks ants are going to be a significant headache until you find you have an infestation of them. They tend to leave trails behind them, and once you have an ants' nest, you're in real trouble. This is the time to call Buggo Commercial Pest Control Services before your staff panic!


We Make The Process Quick and Easy

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2. Quote

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3. Treatment

We offer a full range of chemical-free and safe pest control products and treatments for all businesses in the Sydney area.

4. Aftercare

We offer a full maintenance follow-up service and regular inspections of your workplace.

Frequently Asked Questions

As the leading pest control experts in the Sydney area, we are often contacted with questions. See if the following help you decide why Buggo is genuinely the best pest control service for your business.
Businesses can realistically expect their businesses to be disrupted for up to two weeks due to the infestations of pests. However, the longer you leave them the longer you can expect the issue to last.
Anyone can claim to be a pest control expert, so you need to check out the certifications of the service company you’re going to use. All Buggo’s technicians are fully licensed, insured, and highly-trained – just ask for our registration numbers.
Just look at our Google reviews, and you’ll see how highly our customers, in both the residential as well as commercial areas of what we offer, value us. We believe reputation is extremely important, so we endeavor to ensure yours and ours are consistently enhanced by providing excellent pest control services with minimal disruption to your businesses daily operations.
Once we have assessed your pest problem and know what we are dealing with, we can plan the attack for your infestation. We’ll explain which traps, sprays, or baits we’ll be using, depending on the problem. You can rest assured that all the products we use are safe and chemical-free while still being 100% reliable. Products are environmentally friendly as well as people and animals safe too.
We try our utmost to select a treatment for your infestation that will ensure no future problems occur. This means we will provide preventative measures as well. If an infestation does reoccur after one of our treatments, we will return and retreat with no further costs to your company*.

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