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Bed Bugs Pest Control

Bed Bug Pest Control - Bed Bug Exterminator - Bed Bug Treatment
Bed Bug Control - Bed Bug Exterminator - Bed Bug Treatment

Don’t Let the Bed Bugs Bite With Bed Bugs Treatment

General Info For Bed Bugs Treatment

Bed bugs are small oval brown insects with flat bodies about the size of an apple pip, that swell after feasting on the blood of both humans and animals. As they can rapidly multiply, it is important to get bed bug treatment as soon as possible.

They can’t fly but can move reasonably sharpish over floors, walls, and ceilings on their six legs and two antennas.

Female bed bugs can lay hundreds of eggs over their lifetime, and each egg is about the size of a speck of sand.

These tiny bed bugs, when they first hatch, are called nymphs and shed their skin about five times before reaching maturity. A bed bug requires a meal of blood before each shedding but doesn’t transit diseases while doing so. These nymphs are more challenging to identify than adults who are more detectable by the human eye. Bed bugs can live for months on end without a blood meal as well as being able to survive in hot temperatures. As they can go unnoticed for a long time, it is important to contact pest control services as soon as you see one.

Bed bugs can enter your home in a variety of ways, which can include luggage, clothing or bedding, and they do so by flattening their bodies into small spaces. That’s why at Buggo Pest Control, we offer bed bugs treatment to keep your home clean and safe.

If you see bed bugs in your home, contact Buggo Pest Control as soon as possible. We will get back to you at your earliest convenience to remove the bed bugs so that they do not spread around the house or cause an infestation. Your safety and health are our priority. That is why we seek to provide the best pest control services within the Sutherland Shire.

Bed Bugs Will Travel - How to Avoid Them?

Check your purse, briefcases, backpacks, handbags, and suitcases as they often hide in seams and pockets, especially if they’re placed on the floor.

Bed bugs can find your children’s fluffy toys the perfect home, so regular washing and drying are recommended.

Although bed bugs love the dark, they will often be found in fluorescent light bulbs or around the electrical cables.

Airplanes and buses can be found to have these pests as they can burrow their way into carpets and seats.

Bed Bug Pest Control - Bed Bug Exterminator - Bed Bug Treatment


So, if you do have a bed bug issue, you’ll have to decide which bed bug treatment option is most effective for you. Is a DIY job the best way to attack the issue, or are you going to call in professional bed bug exterminators?

In most areas, you’ll find there are bed bug pest control providers who can carry out all types of pest control services and who are the real experts when it comes to bed bug inspections and then bed bug fumigation and removal services.

If you notice an infestation or the beginning of one, get bed bugs treatment as soon as possible.

Bed Bugs Infestation Signs & Prevention Tips

How to Get Rid of Bed Bugs?

1. Identify Your Pest

To remove yourself from the bed bug problem, you’ll first have to correctly identify the pest.

Then you need to decide if the problem is small enough to deal with yourself or if the most effective treatment needs to be deployed by a specialist.

2. Choose Your Method

You can start by washing the infested items at extremely high temperatures and vacuuming your home to help rid yourself of the problem – but these are usually temporary measures and probably will not give you a long term solution.

DIY Bed Bug Solutions (Not recommended)

An infestation can be extremely hard to treat, and most professional pest controllers claim bed bugs are the most problematic pest to exterminate.

The majority of homeowners who try to manage the infestation themselves end up resorting to calling the professionals by which time the infestation has spread.

Professional Services

It is recommended that you contact a licensed pest professional – a bed bug company that offers extermination services to rid you of this problem.

DIY solutions are, therefore, not recommended as bed bugs cannot be effectively treated.

Professional bed bug removal companies will have the knowledge, tools, and training to safely and correctly eliminate your pest infestations.

They can provide heat treatments and chemicals which can effectively control your bed bug issues from the egg stage to fully grown bed bugs.

So, don’t waste time – your best option is to call Buggo Pest Control on 9188 8855 for a professional bed bug inspection, treatment, fumigation, and aftercare service at a competitive price.

Professional bed bug removal companies will have the knowledge, tools, and training to safely and correctly eliminate your pest infestations.

They can provide heat treatments and chemicals which can effectively control your bed bug issues from the egg stage to fully grown bed bugs. Luckily at Buggo Pest Control, we have you covered with our bed bugs treatment.

3 Reasons Why People Choose Buggo Pest Control

Buggo Pest Control is simply the best in the bed bug business. Here’s a few reasons why:

Our effective and reliable pest control experts to both residential and commercial customers have been perfecting our craft for many years. The Buggo team are skilled and knowledgeable professionals that use high-quality, harmless chemicals to ensure you and your family or business are safe and healthy.

Experienced Pest Control Professionals

Buggo Pest Control provides 24 hour, 7 day a week services around the Sydney area. When you call Buggo you can count on a speedy arrival and even faster pest control solutions, so you can go back to your life without the pests

Fast Pest Solutions

We get the job done, to make sure your home/business is a clean and safe environment.

Quality Services
If you need the services of a bed bug exterminator, then look no further than Buggo no matter how large or small the task.

Bed Bug FAQs

The adults are tiny, brown insects that are as wide as they are long. The nymphs are translucent and are no bigger than a pin’s head.

They don’t have nests but live in groups in their chosen hiding place, which typically tends to be mattresses, bed frames, and headboards so they can have easy access to humans to bite.

They usually feed for roughly 3-4 minutes until they are full of blood, and their bite doesn’t hurt but can become itchy and can create welts. It’s important to note bedbugs bites are often mistaken for mosquito bites, so you must identify the right bug when treating them.

The short answer is ‘no’ – there is no medical evidence for this.

They are mainly active at night-time and like to bite humans while they are sleeping. They do this by piercing your skin and withdrawing your blood through their elongated beak.

They have to be carried in via clothing, luggage, etc.

If you wake up with bites or welts or see droppings on the bed of either blood, faeces or skin, you likely have a host of bed bugs. Also, signs of bed bugs infestation are small reddish-brown fecal spots that they leave behind on mattresses etc.

Also, sightings of bed bug skin that have moulted, eggs, empty shells, and of course, the bugs themselves are indications that you may have a bed bug infestation that requires specific treatment.

You can, but it’s doubtful you’ll be able to rid yourself of them entirely – you’ll need to call in the professionals to exterminate them completely.
Not necessarily – if you don’t delay and call in the professionals with correct identification of the problem pest, they can give you an extremely competitive rate.

Ready to Let the Bed Bug-go?

1. Call

Why not give one of our experienced and friendly customer service team a ring on 9188 8855

2. Quote

Once you’ve identified what type of pest you have found in your home or office, we can solve your problems at a reasonable, competitive price.

3. Treatment

Using our recognised professional service we will tailor a solution to meet your infestation problem. Using the most up to date and safe techniques to eradicate the problem.

4. Aftercare

We know how essential it is for you to know your home is your castle, and we make it personal with our after care service when it comes to ensuring you and your family are safe and healthy in the environments in which you live and work.

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