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About Termites & Termite Treatment in the Sutherland Shire

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What You Need to Know About Termites and Termite Treatment in the Sutherland Shire

When You Need Termite Treatment

Termite treatment in the Sutherland Shire is one of the most popular services Buggo offers. Termites are destructive and can make homes unsafe if left alone for long enough. Termites are insects that live in colonies and have body segments, six legs, antennae, and wings.

Termites feed on wood and are known as workers or swarmers (soldiers). Workers are cream in colour and are roughly 3-4mm long. In contrast, swarmers are the reproductive cast of the termite colony and are approximately 4mm long and are dark brown or black.

Termites usually will begin to appear in early spring as they thrive in warmer temperatures, and can sometimes be seen as a swarm of what looks like flying ants.

Our termite treatment in the Sutherland Shire is most effective because our knowledge of colony behaviours allows us to attack the colony in the most efficient way. The Queen of the colony can lay anywhere from 100 to 1,000 eggs a day, and when they hatch into larvae, the young termites can become workers or swarmers depending on the types of temperatures and possible pheromones the eggs are exposed to. It is the Queen who has the most extended life, spanning on average to 25 years. The other types of termite’s life spans vary from 12 to 24 months.

Not all termite infestations are the same, so that is why for termite treatment in the Sutherland Shire, we will investigate and approach your infestation with tactics to suit your unique situation. We will choose the best treatment for you, whether you require Chemical treatments to create a protective barrier between the building and the termites or, whether you require Baiting to eradicate the termite colony. It is important to ensure you do not try to tackle your termite infestation on your own as you may not effectively stop and prevent the infestation from progressing, initial treatments should be done correctly by professionals.

We are determined when it comes to termite treatment in the Sutherland Shire and are dedicated to providing you with the most effective and suitable treatment for your infestation needs. In such a high risk area for termite infestations, we understand and can offer the quickest, safest and most successful termite treatment so you no longer need to worry about any termite invasions again.

With such rapid population growth, termites can become a serious threat to your home after just months. Contact Buggo Pest Control today for termite treatment in the Sutherland Shire and stop them before the damage is done.

3 Most Common Types of Termites for Termite Treatment

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These subterranean termites are white, able-bodied workers who are responsible for the food and the colonies of termites. It can seriously damage any wooden structure it encounters.
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These soldier termites are a significant pest in Australia. They like to build their nests beneath human-made structures as well as in tree stumps and in root crowns. These termites, like the timber they inhabit to be in direct contact with soil, which means the foundations of a property are their favored location, so there’s usually termite damaged wood as evidence of their existence.
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These termites like to create colonies in urban areas, especially near eucalyptus trees. The colony is usually an above-ground mound and is roughly 30-75 cm high. Their mounds can be up to 100 cm wide.

In drier areas, they may nest in trees or stumps, but can sometimes be found in wall cavities or under floors. In some cases, they may even build nests underground in dry areas, only leaving bare earth over the colony.

What are Your Options for Termite Treatment?

Termite Inspections

If you’ve found a termite or signs of termites in your home there are many more which you haven’t found. Buggo Pest Control offers termite inspections to uncover the true extent of your infestation, preventing damage and seeing what further action is required. View more about our termite inspection service here.

Termite Pest Control

If you’ve uncovered the termite nest or are sure of your infestation there may be no other option than to call the professionals. Buggo Pest Control are here to get rid of your termite infestation and ensure they don’t come back. Learn more about our termite pest control services here.

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Clues You Have Termites and Require Treatment

If you have termites, it can be hard to tell at first as they like to be in dark and humid environments. This means that sometimes when you do discover you have them there could already be a lot of damage done.

You’re more likely to see the damage they have created rather than the termites themselves, so look for hollow or papery sounding timber. If your vacuum easily goes through the skirting board indicating it’s been eaten this is also another clear sign.

They tend to leave excrement or ‘mud’ which creates a protective environment that traps moisture and heat, which in turn, makes your timber swell – lookout for swollen windows or doors which make them hard to shut or open.

Once you’ve discovered the termite holes and evidence of the termites and have been able to identify which type you may have, then is the time to call in the professionals.

Our professional termite inspections can uncover the extent of the damage to your home and our pest control service can ensure that they don’t come back.

Buggo Provides the best Termite Treatment

Buggo are the most experienced and professional termite control specialist in the Sutherland Shire.  With many years of expertise and knowledge in the world of pest control.

Don’t just take our word for it – look at our customers’ reviews!

We know how essential it is for you to know your home is your castle, and we make it personal when it comes to ensuring you and your family are safe and healthy in the environments in which you live and work.

We offer termite inspections, complete management systems, and home guards against termites, as well as effective and reliable aftercare.

Why not give one of our experienced and friendly customer service team a ring on 9188 8855 once you’ve identified what type of pest you have found in your home or office, and then we can give you a sensible and competitive price to solve your problems.

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Termite FAQs

Yes, termites can fly, but they can’t jump as their legs aren’t made for that. The only termites which fly, however, are the reproductive adults in the colony.
As termites live and burrow in wood or near wood, you can usually find wood pellets near their nests. They also leave mud tubes or mounds around their nesting areas. You can also find evidence of termites when your doors or windows don’t shut correctly or if your walls or other wooden structures appear and sound hollow.
They do not bite humans – if they do, it would be by accident. They have poor vision, and you may have just gotten too close to one of the soldiers who want to protect and defend their colony.
All termites want is to have shelter, food, water, and warmth. And that food is primarily wood as it gives them cellulose nourishment, which is found in wood and timber and literally anything that is made with it. Shelter can be from a property’s wooden structure to a lump of firewood in a log pile in your home. Your home and office are also warm, so are great places for them to nest in the cold months.

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