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What you need to know about spiders for spider treatment

When You Would Need Spider Treatment

Spiders are the most common and widely found arachnid in the world. With eight legs, eight eyes and a habit of taking up residence in your home, spider infestations are very common. Acting as nature’s own form of pest control, spiders eat flies, mosquitoes and other insects, controlling their population in nature. However, these arachnids can quickly become a pest themselves when their food source is abundant as it is around properties backing onto bushland or reserves. It is important to not let a spider infestation into your home. If you notice spiders, call us for spider treatment.

Many spiders in Australia have a very dangerous, venomous bite which can gravely injure or kill a person. Spiders are attracted to warm, sheltered small spaces meaning many places in a home quickly become their home. Cracks, bricks, vents, and corners all make an appetising spot for a spider to build its web and nest. Many spiders however prefer to build their webbing in trees, between light posts and in gardens, often causing you to walk directly into them.

Whether it be due to excessive webbing or a dangerous species near you, Buggo Pest Control is here to help with our spider treatment. If you see a spider infestation in your home or workplace, contact us immediately so that we can remove the infestation. If you leave the spiders for too long, they can contaminate your food and storage spaces as well as cause allergic reactions. If a spider is venomous, it can cause great harm that may require you to go to the hospital. See more information on our spider pest control solutions to see how we can help you with your spider-related issues.

Most Encountered Spiders Needing Pest Control in Sydney
Funnel Web Spider Pest Control - Pest Control Sydney

Funnel Web

One of the most famous spiders in Australia, the Funnel Web is dangerous, large and the most venomous spider in the world. 

Living in funnel shaped burrows which give them their name, these spiders are shy and avoid human contact. 

Due to their capability of causing quick death, even in large animals, a funnel web sighting near your property is a cause for concern and a check up with your local pest control experts.

Red Back Spider Pest Control - Pest Control Sydney

Red Back

Famous and easily identifiable, the red back spider is named after the distinct red stripe found on their abdomen. These spiders deliver a powerful bite and commonly reside directly near human activity making them a dangerous pest. 

These spiders spin tangled, messy webs which act as a warning sign to keep your fingers away. 

These spiders carry a very toxic venom which has caused deaths in the past, making a red back infestation a danger especially to pets and children.

Garden Orb Weaving Spider Pest Control - Pest Control Sydney

Garden Orb-Weaving

One of the most common spiders in Sydney, garden orb weaving spiders are found in gardens, trees and shrubs close to residences. 

These spiders are some of the most common pest problems with a prolific breeding rate and the tendency to spin webs directly over paths, between outdoor lighting and shrubs where foot traffic is common. 

With a bite no worse than a bee sting these spiders aren’t a problem due to their venom, but this prolific web spinning.

Huntsman Spider Pest Control - Pest Control Sydney


All bark and no bite personified, the huntsman spider is one of the largest spiders found in Australia, however has a bite no worse than a wasp sting. 

With a large abdomen, hairy legs and a relatively flat appearance, although scary the huntsman and you can have a mutually beneficial relationship. 

Huntsman’s diet consists of common pest insects such as cockroaches and other spiders, including the more dangerous species such as Red Backs .

White Tailed Spider Pest Control - Pest Control Sydney

White Tailed Spider

White Tailed Spiders have earned a vicious reputation of causing necrotic ulcers after a bite, however this is simply an urban myth. 

White Tailed Spiders, named after the white spot on the end of their abdomen, have a bite similar in pain to a bee sting and are much more likely to cause localised swelling than necrosis. 

These spiders are accustomed to living indoors and around humans, commonly found in laundry, bed sheets and more. If you have a white tailed spider problem contact Buggo Pest Control today.

Garden Orb Weaving Spider Pest Control - Pest Control Sydney

Black House Spider

Black House Spiders are small, black spiders commonly found in homes, tree trunks and rocks. 

These are some of the most common spiders find in a home and luckily are not dangerous to the average person. Their bites can cause nausea and uncomfortable swelling however.

These spiders tend to stay close to their webs for the majority of their life and when breeding, repairing the web rather than spinning a new one.  

Clues You Have a Spider Pest Problem

The main clue you have spiders and the reason most people choose to call a spider pest control expert is webs. Webs are found typically outside between outdoor lighting, bushes and trees. 

Spiders can spin webs very quickly, causing ones that have just been taken down, often by an unsuspecting person walking into them, to be put back up in a matter of hours. An infestation carries another sign, egg sacs. Egg sacs typically look like small white beads, these sacs contain the spiders young which will hatch and add to your infestation. These egg sacs are often found in damp and dark areas of your home, under eaves and attached to windows. 

If you see these signs or have seen an increase in the population of the spiders in and around your home it may be time to call a professional. Buggo Pest Control are experts in spider pest control and can help you today.


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Spider FAQs

Yes Buggo Pest Control’s spider treatments are eco-friendly and our high-quality industrial pesticide products are safe and non-allergy solutions.

Our spider treatments last between 3-6 months, depending on what type of treatment you opt for. Speak to one of our customer service team for advice.

In Australia we have some of the deadliest and most harm inducing spiders on the planet. Red backs and funnel webs are of main concern to property owners and have the ability to kill. Although most spider bites are painful but not fatal.

Although DIY treatments are available, they are not as effective as a complete spider treatment from Buggo Pest Control. Our pest control services are safe for pets, the environment and humans unlike many off the shelf solutions. Contact us for your spider infestation treatment today.

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