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About Cockroaches and Cockroach Treatment

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Identifying the Cockroach in Your Property and your Treatment Options

More About Cockroach Treatment

Cockroach treatment is a popular service from Buggo Pest Control due to the prolific nature of these critters. There are a large number of different types of cockroaches in Sydney alone. In fact, there are over 450 different species of which the Australian, American and German cockroaches are the most common. Unfortunately, Sydney is ‘cockroach heaven’ with its warm, humid climate.

They are relatively easy to detect as they have flat oval-shaped bodies, and are roughly 2 inches long. Cockroaches have six legs, two distinct antennae, and some have wings. A cockroach may vary in size, but they are relatively easy to recognize.

Cockroaches, like any other bug can cause extensive damage to your home or workplace and can go undetected for years without you spotting them. This is why it is so important if you spot a cockroach or signs of an infestation to explore cockroach treatment options. Cockroaches can spread harmful diseases such as leprosy, typhoid fever, dysentery, and gastroenteritis (vomiting and diarrhoea). Others may experience symptoms similar to asthma and allergies from breathing in cockroach skin, and cockroach waste can contaminate your foods. If you see one, don’t panic, but never let an infestation grow in your home.

If you see a growing cockroach infestation in your home, please contact Buggo Pest Control right away and we will remove the cockroaches as soon as possible. We care about your health and safety. That is why we urge you not to ignore signs of an infestation that could lead to food contamination and damage to your home or office.

Most Encountered Cockroach Species in Sydney

Cockroach Pest Control - Cockroach Exterminator - Cockroach Treatment

Australian Cockroach

This cockroach typically lives outdoors but occasionally invades people’s homes. It’s large and has long wings allowing it to fly short distances. It loves dead and decaying things, so it can easily pick up bacteria and contaminate your home.

Australian cockroaches are similar to American cockroaches, but they have a distinctive tan ring-like pattern on its back, just below its head.

They can lay up to 24 eggs a day.
Cockroach Pest Control - Cockroach Exterminator - Cockroach Treatment

German Cockroach

German cockroaches are small— roughly 0.5 inches long. The adult is light brown and has two dark stripes running down its thorax. A young cockroach (a nymph) is smaller, darker colored, and has a tan stripe running down its back.

They are most likely to be found in your kitchen, bathroom, or any place where food is stored or prepared, and are especially fond of humid areas with temperatures between 20 and 25oC.

The German cockroaches are one of the most common cockroaches that Sydney residents find in their homes and workplaces because they breed quickly, laying up to 100,000 eggs in a single year.
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American Cockroach

American cockroaches are the largest of the common cockroaches – roughly 7cm in size. They are reddish-brown, with a light-yellow band outlining their thorax.

It’s easy to tell the difference between adults and nymphs because the adults are larger and have wings, while nymphs don’t have wings.

These cockroaches live in sewers, storm drains, steam tunnels, water meter boxes, gardens, and rubbish bins. They like warmth and humidity, mostly temperatures above 28 C.

They are more likely to infiltrate shops and restaurants than homes.
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Oriental Cockroach

Oriental cockroaches are even more unpleasant than other cockroach species because they love rubbish, feces, decaying plant and animal matter. They, therefore, have a strong smelling odour. These cockroaches contaminate food and food preparation areas by walking over them.

Oriental cockroaches are a dangerous pest that mostly live outdoors and are also common in homes with a lot of vegetation around them.

The good news is they don’t move fast and don’t fly. As they are unable to climb smooth vertical surfaces, they often become trapped in sinks and bathtubs.
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Smokey Brown Cockroach

This type of cockroach is relatively large in size—roughly 4cm long. They are dark-brown to mahogany coloured with a thorax that appears black, and their wings are longer than their bodies.

The Smokey Brown Cockroach are very sensitive to dehydration and must live near a reliable source of water. It’s a nocturnal creature and flies away if disturbed.
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Brown Banded Cockroach

The Brown Banded Cockroach prefers indoor spaces but is less common than the German cockroach and is one of the smallest cockroaches.

The females can’t fly, but the males sometimes fly or jump away from disturbances. They love rubbish as well as human food and can contaminate your home by spreading germs, and they also leave behind old skin and eggs, which can trigger allergies.
Cockroach Pest Control - Cockroach Exterminator - Cockroach Treatment

How to Spot a Cockroach Infestation?

If you think you have roaches in your home or workplace, the best way to get rid of them fast is to first identify which kind of cockroach you may have in your property.

The good news is they often leave behind signs of their presence, which makes it easy for you to tell they are there even if you can’t see them.

Droppings, smear marks, egg capsules, skin, damage, and smells are all indications that your property may have become invaded by these pests.

The most common places you’ll find evidence of a cockroach infestation is in your kitchen, laundry room, bathrooms, basements, drains, and garden.

At Buggo Pest Control we offer cockroach inspections to find the home of the infestation and provide you with treatment options

If you or our inspectors have spotted any of these cockroach infestation signs, you should immediately get cockroach treatment. Buggo can help to rid you of this serious problem immediately before it gets worse.

Ask Us About our 6 Month *Guarantee!

Cockroach Infestation Signs & Prevention Tips

How to Prevent a Cockroach Infestation?

Your property is a perfect breeding ground for cockroaches, and they can gain entry through cracks, crevices, vents, sewers, pipes, open windows – the list goes on.

You need to deny them access to ensure they stay out of your home or business property. If you follow specific simple measures, you can prevent a cockroach infestation:

Get rid of any potential food sources by checking food trails and putting all food away correctly, sealed, and stored.

Remove Food Sources

Keep your house clean and tidy by vacuuming regularly and removing pet food and drinks at night-time, and be sure to empty your bins regularly.


Ensure your property is regularly maintained with cracks and holes filled, especially around skirting boards and walls


What are Your Options for Cockroach Treatment?

Cockroach Inspections

If you’ve found a cockroach or signs of cockroaches in your home there are many more which you haven’t found. Buggo Pest Control offers cockroach inspections to uncover the true extent of your infestation, preventing damage and seeing what further action is required. View more about our cockroach inspection service here.

Cockroach Pest Control

If you’ve uncovered the cockroach nest or are sure of your infestation there may be no other option than to call the professionals. Buggo Pest Control are here to get rid of your cockroach infestation and ensure they don’t come back. Learn more about our cockroach pest control services here.

Cockroach FAQs

Yes Buggo Pest Control uses eco-friendly cockroach treatment products that are safe for all the family as well as pets and the environment. Our high-quality industrial pesticide products are non-toxic and non-allergy solutions.
Our cockroach treatments last between 3-6 months, depending on what type of treatment you opt for. Speak to one of our customer service team for advice.
Look for creatures with six legs and two antennae, long brownish bodies, and roughly 1 – 8cm long, depending on the species of cockroach.
They aren’t nice to be around, but they won’t sting or bite you. They tend to crawl through feces and waste so they can carry diseases and spread bacteria. Some people are allergic to them, and they can cause asthma attacks.
There are DIY solutions, but we don’t recommend them as they are usually ineffective and don’t make the problem go away for long, if at all. It’s safer all round to use a professional service who can use specialist chemical treatments to rid you of your problem. Remember, just by killing the cockroaches won’t make the problem go away. You need to eliminate the source (eggs) and find permanent solutions to fix the issue.
Cockroaches love the warmth and moisture, and that’s why they love Sydney properties. They like tight places where their bodies touch the top and bottom like tiny cracks between walls and floors. Some like damp, moist places, so like to live behind kitchen sinks and drains. Different cockroaches like to inhabit different places so do your homework and research where your cockroaches are camping out.

Get Quality Cockroach Treatment with Buggo

1. Call

By using Buggo Pest Control you know your cockroach issue will be dealt with by knowledgeable, skilled professionals.

Call us on 9188 8855 and ask for a quote and ask about how our safe, targeted treatment will be carried out – our friendly, expert customer service team will be happy to advise you.

2. Quote

Our specialist cockroach elimination treatments come in the forms of liquid, gel, and solid – chemical-free solutions.

Professional pest control services have a wide range of effective treatments that can deal with everything from cockroach nesting sites to aftercare.

3. Treatment

Fumigation, heat treatments, cockroach baits, proactive cockroach control, and monitoring are just some of the life stage cockroach elimination services we can offer you

4. Aftercare

We are so confident about our cockroach elimination methods, we offer a 6-month guarantee.